Racism is not “back” it has always been here.

Well, I guess welcome to 2020 where it is cool to be blatantly racist again towards black and brown people! These types of people were always there to begin with but many of them are now getting upset because many places and companies are required to be diverse and so now they are throwing a hissy fit by seeing a few black people modelling. While we black folk have been seeing white faces all day, every day and on every entertainment platform you can imagine. But a couple of black people are used as models and all hell breaks loose. So, now there is suddenly a problem?…

For many of us, back in the day many of our parents even bought us white dolls and action figures because there was never really an availability nor a serious want for them back then. But now black and brown people are finally being represented in the media, although it is still not nearly enough, and now you have people throwing a tantrum? But yet there are still people who believe and scream at the top of their lungs that “white privilege doesn’t exist and insist that instead black people are the ones who have all these privileges” or those who like talking about “rEveRSe rACiSm”.

It’s such a shame that we have not learned anything from history and that there has barely been any serious progress since slavery was abolished. Just because someone is no longer calling you a n****r to your face and there are laws against it to thwart people from doing it does not mean that most people like black people. It just means that it is well hidden until the day these types of people show their true colours. And just like the title of my post implies that yes, racism is not “back” it has always been here and was just simply waiting for the time it can resurface and show it’s ugly head.

If you follow my personal Facebook page and my Angie’s Inspiration page these days I have mostly posted several articles about racism against black people and how black people are ill-treated, abused, made to suffer and are seen as a criminal and found guilty before their innocence can be proven. It is such a damn shame.

First, it was the Chinese government blaming black people for the spread of Covid-19 and then banning black people and getting them kicked out of their apartments, hotels and not allowed them to enter establishments such as restaurants and shops; then there were people using the Tik Tok platform to be racist; then we hear of the story about the black guy who gets criminalised by a bunch of hill billies, targetted attacked and later killed for his only crime of: jogging; and then there was someone who wrote about this Filipino movie that is practically mocking black and brown people; and even though this is nothing new another black person was stopped and humiliated because they “fit the description”. Even though we know to some people black people all look the same even when we do not. When will black people finally be left alone and be able to EXIST without being a threat to anyone? Will that day ever come? I highly doubt it.

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