Starting my own business

Hello Tomodachi’s

Happy very belated New Year, everyone! How are you all doing? How has the first month of the new year been going for you all? So far it has been alright. Nothing bad per se has happened as yet besides getting sick around after New Years. So far, life has been going alright for me, thankfully. I hope it continues this way.

Anyway, it has sure been a while since I last posted on my blog, hasn’t it? And as the title of my blog suggests I registered and started my very own massage business. I registered it in October, although I had been massaging a few people a little before this time. Now, I am officially recognised as a one-man business.

This is my very first business and I am very much excited but at the same time, I am also very wary that I will not be able to voice my thoughts and opinions as openly as I used to on my personal social media pages because of the thought I might offend potential clients. And as many of you who may already personally know me or have stuck around to read my many blogs posts, you all already know I can very opinionated when it comes to certain topics.

So, this may be a bit of the downside of owning my own business. Especially if you decide to partner up with others because you not only have to think of what you say the could affect your own business but also if it affects your partner as well. However, I will not lose my voice. I refuse to completely oppress my voice and not voice my opinions if it is something I truly care about. At least, not on my blog which is probably my only saving grace or I would end up going crazy stifling my voice and opinions.