Saba can get so ridiculously hot sometimes!

Hey Tomodachi’s,

How are you all today? Is wherever you are living still hot or has it begun to cool down? Or has it always been cool? How has it always been hot?

You would not believe how hot Saba has been and how hot it can get, it is ridiculous. I sometimes feel like I am melting away. I now even get headaches and feel so sick that I need to lie down when it gets too hot. I guess living in the Netherlands for too long screwed up my biorhythm, if I can even call ot that.

Yesterday Saba was so hot that it made a night bats shrivel up and die. Of course, think there was more to it that just that but the heat sealed the deal. I was walking home and I came across this bat laying curled up on the wall. It was already dead by the time I got to it. Poor thing.

It as my first time coming across a bat even though I always knew they existed on Saba but never saw up close and one in person.Also, I finally got to see a bat and it was long dead. I think that but at the same time, maybe I might not have been able to see one at all if it were not for the dead one I found.

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