Never knew driving could be so challenging

Hey Tomodachi’s,

Yesterday I wrote a [true] story about my home being invaded by iguanas. Today I will be storytelling about my driving experience.

This day today makes it exactly two weeks since I received my driver’s license. I practised driving in the month of July and a few days in August and I must say that I commend people who can drive because it can be so damn challenging [especially if you are driving a standard car]. I never realised how challenging it was nor how alert a driver must be in order to drive until I was the one sitting behind the wheel. I was so shocked! People who drive make driving look so much easier than it actually is. Of course, I also understand the more you drive the better you get at it, but damn!…

I have to give a round of applause to drivers because as a driver there are so many things you have to take into consideration and be aware of on the road such as pedestrians; other drivers on the road; bikers and motorcyclers; understanding the road signs and following them properly; traffic rules of who has right of way and who does not; and the dos and don’ts of driving. Drivers need to be aware of all of this while in the act of driving. It is absolutely amazing! Though I have heard that even after a person has gotten their license they do not become a good or decent driver until they have driven at least 50,000km, but still I am impressed.

That is to say, even though I have my driver’s license I still feel like a newborn baby feeling my way around a car and getting a heart attack every time something goes wrong or if it goes a bit off from what I expected. A part of me sometimes does not even want to step into a car anymore because of the anxiety I experience behind the wheel. Sitting behind the wheel is a huge responsibility and I realise that every time I get behind the wheel! It is absolutely nerve-wracking!


Last week was the first time I stepped into a car after receiving my driver’s license. It was my parents’ old jalopy car that has God knows how many issues with it and it needs someone who has the driving experience, I do not have, to be able to control that heap of steel. I have no knowledge of driving old cars since I practised my driving in a completely different car.

Anyway, I drove this car last week Wednesday and Saturday. Wednesday went mostly well. I drove from one side of the island to the other to run some errands and back home without much issue except for maybe a few mishaps like scratching the side of the car a little [oops šŸ˜£] trying to park it up, the car overheating a bit due to old age and causing it to smoke a little in the process. The most trouble I faced was trying to get the car to go uphill to reverse it back into our yard. I could not get it to move it since the handbrakes had gotten stuck so in the end, I ended up having to ask someone I knew to help me move it and park it up for me.

The second time I drove it my mother wanted to go to the shop and asked me to drive her although she initially told me that I would never get to drive this car ever again. Now she was asking me to drive her. šŸ˜’šŸ˜’

I asked if she was absolutely sure about this. She just gave me this side-eye look that mothers love giving their children. You know you cannot really go against them when they give you that stare. So I drove…

Everything went fine and dandy getting to the shop. The problem was getting back home. Apparently me and my crazy self forgot the car in reverse when I was parking it up in the parking lot. I was wondering why it was going backwards. I thought maybe the same thing was happening the first time I tried driving it. The first time I drove it and was trying to climb uphill I pulled up my handbreaks and it was still slowly slipping backwards which was why I pulled hard on it to get it to stop which caused it to stick. So I thought the same thing was happening again although the car was not really on a steep slope but in my mind I was thinking “Not again!” Not realising that my shifting gear was still in reverse the whole time. We ended up with the tail part of the car stuck in the bushes and if it was not for the bush the car would have ended up in someone’s front porch [oops again šŸ˜£].

I was able to get my mother out of the back seat of the car with some help from the shop staff workers when it started to rain down on us and we had to catch a ride back home from the store. It was quite a predicament, to say the least. Luckily none of us were hurt and we could now laugh about it.

Like I said in the beginning of my post, I commend drivers and give them a round of applause because driving is not easy!

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