My thoughts about this whole situation about Liam Neeson

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How have you all been? Sorry for not posting in a while but I was only enjoying the island life on my beautiful island, Saba, and trying to find a job 😏. Anyways, I will apologise now, because in this post I will be doing a lot of rambling and ranting. So, continue reading at your own volition.

Did any of you read about the actor, Liam Neeson, who opened up that when he was younger one of his female friends got raped and he was so enraged that he went looking for any random ‘black bastard’, in his words, and had planned on killing that random stranger which he admits he now regrets. What is sickening is that he went looking for any random black man for that whole week!

However, what pissed me off about this story is that you see so many people, especially white people, showing sympathy to him because he was ‘so apologetic’ and admitted it was wrong of him to think that way. Then you see so many people saying they probably would have felt the same way and do the same thing if they were in his shoes. In my opinion, that is a problem!

However, when black people talk about slavery and other topics regarding race, they are told to get over it because it was such a long time ago yadda, yadda, yadda… ‘It was so long ago’ but it still affects us! The excuses you hear from some white people [as well as some other races] when black people bring up slavery is “that it was their ancestors that did these atrocities and they should not be blamed for what their ancestors did”, but let one or a few black persons do something wrong and then the whole black race and black culture is to be blamed for what happened.

Is it okay that Liam had these murderous intentions towards random black men because of one black man? Many of us know that if it were a black person saying these exact words, they would have been crucified by the public for having such thoughts, as is usually the case when a black person is involved because slavery and the lynching of thousands of black people happened ‘so many years ago’? Mind you, that slavery lasted for over 500 years, if not longer, and continues to this day, but in another packaging! Not to mention, many black people have still not gotten justice for these atrocities, and we should ‘just let it go because it was all in the past’? It was not that long ago! Many of our family members such as our parents or grandparents, aunts, uncles have been subjected to cruel treatment that still lingers and have an effect on our families to this day. We should be the ones who should be angry and exacting revenge, but we don’t. There is so much hypocrisy here!

Black people and many other minorities have been raped; beaten; enslaved; had no human rights or rights to an education or medical care; we were made to work for measly change and brutalised for many years; have had drugs planted on us by the police who were supposed to serve and protect; unlawfully accused for crimes we did not commit and thrown in jail for many years before the truth finally came out; and treated as second class citizens, but do you see many of us going to the streets and looking to kill any random white person? The most many of us do is protest or speak out on it. Yet we are called lazy, we are told that we not trying hard enough and everything in the book when we are sometimes not financially capable of providing for ourselves and family or when we need some other form of assistance compared to our white counterparts. Yes, we are angry for what happened in the past and what continues to happen, and rightfully so. However, are we trying to exact revenge for the hundreds of thousands of black families ripped apart and mistreated? No! Most of us just want to right the wrongs that were done to us; we are not looking for revenge! But are we commended and applauded for this? Where is our applause?!

It is so frustrating that many black people are exposed to racism from a very early age [even internalised racism due to slavery and being seen as second class citizens for so long], but we are always expected to forgive and forget and to be the better person. But a man who has had these dangerous thoughts about killing random black men because one black person happened to rape his friend and he is commended and applauded for his honesty? Granted he did not do the crime, but him saying that he was wrong makes everything okay? Well, I am getting sick and tired of trying to be the better person. What total bullshit!

4 thoughts on “My thoughts about this whole situation about Liam Neeson

  1. The question that comes to my mind is, What kind of penance has he paid to try to make up for his action? Has he really changed, or just faking it? No, he doesn’t get a pass just because he admitted what he did, or tried to do. But what, if any, should be his punishment?


    • Hey Don. Sorry for the late reply. I almost forgot to respond. I had intended to reapond when I got the time but ended up forgetting. Sorry about that… But anyway, regarding your comment, I have no idea what his penance should be. But I definitely did not like how people were applauding him. It just had to take only one unlucky person to come towards him for him to act on his intent. It’s disgraceful how some people don’t get that. Just nakes you wonder how many racist situations like this he has got im his closet that no one knows about or cares to know about.


      • No need to apologize, dear lady. I know just how it is to get into one of those mental states. I was like that after my heart attack, where I not only didn’t really want to do my work as a writer, but was also nearly unable to do it due to eye problems that resulted apparently from the failing heart. I’m well on the way to recovery now, but for a while I was very depressed on all counts.

        As for Liam, I’ve learned in my long life that the old saying, what goes around comes back around, is generally pretty true. He will get whatever the Universe decides he should get for his actions.

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