Adventures in Paris!

Hello Tomodachi’s

How have you all been? Sorry for the late video but thanks to WordPress changing its format and because of some technical difficulties I am posting it a bit later than I was originally planning. 

Anyway, you would not believe what happened to me on Sunday, December 2nd 2018!  When I was out with a friend in Paris, someone almost stole my phone. In the video below I try to explain to the best of my ability, what transpired.

Below are some pictures I had taken of my friend seconds before my phone was snatched. She had actually seen the guy coming up from behind me but did not have enough time to warn me because everything happened so quickly. The shock was only able to register on her face as can be seen in the sequence of photos below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As promised I am also posting the bike’s serial number and QR code and how it looked like. Too bad the bike was a bit damaged because we had every intention of taking it. You want to steal from us and then we end up stealing from you.

Above is the bike’s serial number and QR code, that the robber rode during his attack.

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