My one year anniversary at my massage job

Hello Tomodachi’s,

I had fallen from the face of the earth and have reappeared once again! I hope you all did not miss me too much.

Just as the title suggests, I wanted to tell you all about how on May 20th I made one year working at my current [massage] job. Therefore, this blog post was written only to briefly congratulate myself and give myself a tap on the back for staying at my current job for so long.

Are you wondering why I am congratulating myself for something that most of you might consider so normal? Well, that is because this is the first time in my ‘adult’ life that I have ever worked for anyone for so long. Are you shocked? Yeah, me too!

Please let me explain. I am the type of person who gets bored with things very quickly. In order for something to hold my interest for a long time I need it to be interesting, competitive and compelling, thrilling and something I can always learn from and lose myself into.

Though I have done quite a number of jobs, I could not find a job that could hold my interest for long and so I would end up quitting these jobs in 6 months or less. Actually very few jobs have I worked for 6 months.

However, my massaging job gives me a sort of satisfaction I have never felt before. Though the company I work for leaves a lot to be desire, the massaging job itself makes me happy. Despite me always complaining about how much back and body pains I now have thanks to this job, this is so far the only job I can see myself doing for a long time. I think I have finally found my calling!

So, I am grateful I am able to find a job that I very much enjoy doing. Even though it may not be in the field that I have studied for but oh well…

Have you, dear readers, already found your dream job?

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