Language learning apps are now the new way to learn!

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How has it been going? Is everything going okay in your busy and hectic lives? As for me, the past month and a half I have been taking on a lot more extra shifts for my massage job.

So because it is such a strenuous job and works your entire body my body ends up feeling like a wreck by the time I have my next days off. And I end up sleeping most of my days away because of the exhaustion. Think of it as having to work out for more or less eight hours straight. Imagine doing it for 2 or 3 or even 4 days in a row, one day after the other. Of course, I have no one to blame but myself because I decided to take on these extra shifts on my own. Like everyone else I also need to make money. The number of days and hours I was working before was just not cutting it.

Anyway enough of that… These days I have been trying to get back on top of learning Japanese because I have been slacking off for quite some time now. I had kind of gotten lazy to learn. So, now I needed to get back serious again. I started using a lot more Japanese learning apps mostly for memorization purposes, although that is not the only reason I use them. So alongside my Japanese classes once a week I also practice on these language learning apps.

The phone apps I have been using these days are called Mondly and Duolingo respectively. If you are interested in learning a language give these apps a try. Though nothing in life is perfect I think these apps could be quite useful to your language learning experience. Although I would advise you to have at least a basic understanding of the language you are planning to learn and how the language works by taking some classes before using these apps which I think kind of defeats the purpose but oh well…

I hope you all have a great day and take care. Until the next time!

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