My Upcoming Christmas Spoken Word and Book Sale Event.

Hello Tomodachi’s

How are you all doing? Recently I have decided to organize my very own and not to mention, my very first event. What better time to have it than for when Christmas is right around the corner, right!? Christmas somehow almost always gets people in a good mood and I want to be a part of that happy, good mood. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be?

Anyway, I have been thinking about organizing an event for a long time but only for the last two weeks have I been thinking about it seriously. This event will be held in my city, the city of Den Haag or for the English speakers, The Hague in the Netherlands. I have not yet chosen a venue to hold this event but I intend to figure things out in the next coming weeks and I will let you all know as soon as possible.

Furthermore, at this event the last hour will be dedicated to selling my two published books, I’m Only Human and Baby Toucan.

The tickets for the event are already on sale so you can start purchasing your tickets by clicking the link below.

Also, in the next few weeks, I will keep you updated on what to expect from the event so please look forward to it. Well, see you all until my next post. So take care and have a great day!

Buy Tickets

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