This is photoshoot number 3!

Hello Tomodachi’s,

I think it has been a little over two weeks if not more since my last blog post and I just wanted to share a few of those photos taken from a third photoshoot I have had with my photographer friend Mick. You all remember Mick, right? I think these photos came out pretty good if I do say so myself. They were quite classy. With these pictures, we were trying to play around with the idea of the human shape and how direct and indirect light falls on the human frame allowing the viewer to view the body in many different ways, which I find pretty amazing.

Of course, when I model for Mick there needs to be some getting used to standing in front of the camera and also warming up to each other again but with all these photo shoots I have been having, I am starting to feel like a full-fledged model. Although in my opinion, I am nowhere near model material. Not to mention, I really do not like smiling that much in photos because it feels so fake if you know what I mean.

Maybe there might be another photoshoot in the future and if I live to see that day you can be assured I will share a couple of the photos right here on my blog with my beloved readers. It was quite a lot of fun modeling for these photos and testing some boundaries. I must say, I began truly seeing myself in a different ´light´.

Anyway, I hope you like the pictures and I will see you all next time. Take care and have a great day!



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5 thoughts on “This is photoshoot number 3!

  1. Nice! Your friend is a good photographer, Angie. I notice in this set he focused on the combination of your muscular definition and your femininity. Some view this as a contrast or contradiction, but they are in error in my view. The two together, as I see it, are the very definition of perfect femininity.

    Where were you when I was young? But then, in those days it was problematic for a “white” guy to date or fall in love with a woman of African descent, forgetting that we’re all descended from Africa anyway.

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    • Hello. It’s nice to read your comments every time. Thank you for the compliment 😘 and my friend has been doing photography for not such a long time and yes he has improved from the last few times we shot photos. He actually started photography sometime late last year.

      But the point you brought up about my friend focusing on combining the muscular definition and femininity in photos is right. Can’t believe you noticed that with seeing only just a few photos!? My friend was very intrigued with my muscular frame and was trying the capture it as best as he could. So I am glad he was able to convey this in his photos.

      Anyway, how are things going for you?

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      • I’m doing fairly well, Angie, all things considered. I have a bit if a writer’s block at present, with only perhaps 30 pages left to go on my new novel. I’f going to be putting out two versions, one sort of clean and the other unexpurgated. Yeah, it’s *that* kind of novel.

        As for how I saw those qualities in the photos so quickly and with so few pictures, all I can say is that I’m getting old, not blind. Although I do admit to a degree of near-sightedness. LOL

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      • 😆😂
        Anyway it is good that you are doing even fairly good, could be a lot worse, but it is not good that you have writer’s block. Especially when you are so close to finishing it. I know the struggle of writer’s block too well. And about your book what is the title? So when it comes out I might be able to check it out. You got me a bit curious with that last bit, lol. 🤓

        Anyway could you Sen me the link to your blog again. I was not able to find it again.

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      • Hi, Angie! Thanks for your interest in my writing. I appreciate it!

        The novel I’m working on is titled “Reunion”. Here’s what it’s about:

        Rob Charles is a moderately successful author of dramatic and romantic fiction. He’s lonely without even being aware of his loneliness. He’s loved and lost more times than he cares to think about, much less find out why.

        Late in life, at the urging of a friend, Antonio, a giant Jamaican with gentle ways and uncanny insights, he embarks on a quest to write his autobiography. But his friend has set up an environment that shakes Rob to his core, bringing together old friends from his past, including the women he’s loved, whether that love was fulfilled or unrequited.

        How does Antonio know so much about Rob’s life that nobody else knows? Why is he bringing Rob’s past back to life? What kind of game is he playing? And how is Rob getting younger? He had to find out, even if it meant complete madness.

        Part psychological intrigue, part erotic romance, part emotional exploration, part spiritual discovery, this tale explores life themes that lead to deeper awareness. Join Rob on the most exciting yet troubling adventure of his life: finding himself!


        As for my blog, it doesn’t focus much on my stories and novels. That’s my own fault, though, for getting caught up in the news of the day and wanting to express my own views on it. I’m thinking of starting a new blog site, maybe on WordPress or something, just for my books.

        Anyway, the blog I have been posting on is here:

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