For a while now, I have become quite disappointed in anime because of their use of some tv tropes…

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How have you all been today? For me, it has been a very windy day not to mention I was having some bike issues because something got wrapped up in the wheel and chain of my bike which caused the chain to come loose and made me have to walk all the way home in this damn windy and cold weather. Though, this is not one of the reasons why I am writing this blog. 

I am writing this blog because I have come here to vent out my pent-up frustrations I have been feeling for quite a while now with regards to anime. As some of you might already know from hopefully reading my previous blog posts, I enjoy watching anime and it makes me so excited, unlike real life (human) entertainment. I could watch anime for hours, but cannot say the same thing for real life (human) entertainment. I can handle about maybe one or two hours max of real-life entertainment and no more.

Anyway, what I wanted to discuss is this one trope that I have seen one too many times in anime and that is your stereotypical black man or black woman tropes. Hell, it is not even an anime trope but a typical entertainment trope nowadays. This is one of the things that has gotten me so disappointed in anime since about a year and a half ago. When I first started watching anime it never occurred to me because I was truly not paying attention to all of that as a kid and I was not even yet aware of these things until I became much older and an adult. And in my opinion, these types of tropes were not used often and on a regular basis as they are now in current animes.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. About two weeks ago I started watching an anime called Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e and as per usual, I became very disappointed in it in no time. And just when I was starting to show a minor interest in the show. It is a 12 episode anime and somewhere in the seventh or eighth episode, it shows you that one stereotypical huge, black guy that does the bidding of a much smaller, very attractive, wealthy and pale looking boy. This stereotypical black dude would be only shown in the anime only and only when he was roughing up the ‘weaker’ characters and beating them up at the request (or not) of his ‘Master’. You know, the typical thug, you would see on those typical gangbanger movies I never waste my time in watching. But this black character you could say had ‘a leash’ around his neck because he is being controlled by ‘Mastah’. I will even show you an image of the anime cover below. Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV) (Dub)Did you notice something in the image?… I will give you a second to think about it… Has anything come to mind as yet?… In the image, you do not even see that black character. He is nowhere in the image because apparently he, and many other black characters like him, are only good enough to be used as tropes as the violent, thuggish black character. He is not good enough to be included in much of the anime but he is good enough to be shown in the violent parts. Rightttt…

Of course, I was annoyed by seeing shit like this so many times that I  decided to write a comment on what I just saw. And of course, as fate might have it, there were a couple commenters (kids) who responded in the way I have gotten used to expecting. I have come to realize that there are certain types of commenters who comment when this topic is brought up. There are those commenters who bring up Black Lives Matter and the Antifa group even though they were never brought up in the original comment. There are commenters who bring up the usual regurgitated inaccurate drivel of black violence and crime. And of course, there are those commenters who do not care at all (because it does not concern them) and then tell you to focus on more ‘important’ things. There are more types of commenters but these are the most frequent commenters you would more or less run into.

One commenter wrote that there were ‘5o’ other Japanese thugs in the show in inclusion with this one black character. I then responded by saying that the weight is different for these ’50’ Japanese characters and the black character because at the end of the day there is no stereotype about any thug or gangster Asian men but there is certainly one for black people, black men in particular. And if all of those ’50’ Japanese characters woke up the next day and wanted to change and stop their violent thuggish ways they would still be welcomed back with open arms. I cannot say the same for the black character(s), though.


Then another commenter brought up Black Lives Matter and the Antifa group, that was not even mentioned anywhere in my comment, being terrorist groups which is why black people were being portrayed in this manner. I replied to such stupidity by saying “If those groups were so-called ‘terrorist groups’ I wonder what the KKK group is?” As far as I can remember the KKK are not a religious or saint group.” Not to mention, the KKK has been in existence much longer than the prior groups put together and have been wreaking havoc on black people since their creation. However, I do not ever remember anyone claiming in all these years that they were a terrorist group. I also included that “Black Lives Matter and Antifa would not even have existed if black people were better treated and not being shot on the street like animals.” No reply from that person as of yet. We shall see in the next few weeks if he is able to make a reply to counter mine.

After that, another commenter wrote something to the effect of “who cares, it is just an anime and if I wanted to make a change there are other important things out there to focus on.” I am, however, not surprised at all with these comments. I have written so many comments and I have gotten, more or less, almost the same exact rubbish and trash talking from commenters who do not like someone bringing the dirty truth to their face or they try to disregard it and deflect.

It is so FRUSTRATING!!!!!! Sometimes I feel like I want to stop watching anime, but then again, what will I do with myself after that? Anime is my only true form of entertainment. Sigh What do you all think?

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