Does it not feel like the end is coming?

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing right now despite the hell that is breaking out across the world? There is nothing I can do right now but pray.

As many can see Mother Nature is probably very angry with us ignorant, foolish, stubborn, selfish and money-grubbing humans. She is probably shouting in fury “Enough is enough!”

I know I wrote about a similar topic sometime last year, but I want to write about it again because some people do not seem to understand we humans are like Cancer eating away at the home we call earth and not caring. When will we learn that we are nothing? When Mother Nature gets serious she can wipe us all out in an instant! We are nothing against something so supreme. If we do not wipe ourselves out with our foolishness (perfect example is Donald Trump and his warmongering self) then surely Mother Nature will.

These sort of events have been happening for years but many choose to just ignore them or not make much of it because they believe humans are so great and nothing can really happen to us as a ‘great intelligent species’. Or because it is not happening to some people so it does not matter. How arrogant and foolish we humans are! We believe that we will always be at the top of the food chain and nothing can harm us with our advanced technology and whatnot. If it is not hurricanes wreaking havoc on parts of the world like Irma and Maria did to parts of the Caribbean, then it is earthquakes and floodings leaving behind death and destruction in its wake.

Hurrican Irmás destruction.jpg

However, I have not been seeing real coverage being shown about the destruction of the world because this destruction to some is something that only happens to ‘poor, ignorant, underprivileged and third world countries with no advanced technology’. These events are not really happening to developed countries like the US and Europe also known as the West. And when terrible events do occur with regards to the terrorist attacks, it is talked about so excessively and the same thing is regurgitated 24/7 and for about 4 weeks (if not longer) before the story ever dies out! I know that I am partly overexaggerating some things, but this kind of unfair coverage always angers me.

Also, have we forgotten what happened to the dinosaurs? They were once huge ferocious animals and were the top of the food chain too, but they were all wiped out all at once! Do we seriously believe we humans cannot be wiped up just the same?! But as the saying goes we will never learn until “the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, when (you) will realize that (you) cannot eat money.” So we are doomed to one day perish.

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