When does a person really become… an adult?

Hello Tomodachi’s,

Happy Monday! Although, I am pretty certain the majority of you are not actually happy that it is Monday. Today has been quite lazy and rainy day but it was still nice a nice day. Despite knowing that there will be another hurricane crossing in the Caribbean, I have faith that the islands will come out alright this time. After all, all I can do right now is pray being so far away.

Anyway, for many years I have always been wondering what makes me into a real adult and what is my purpose in this world once I have become an adult? Does becoming a real adult occur once you reach the legal age of eighteen (18)? Or is it when you are able to manage your responsibilities like adults are expected to? Or could be when we make our first child and having that vulnerable life be completely dependant on you which forces you to grow up from your childish ways? Or is it something entirely. Not to mention, once we have grown how do we decide what our purpose in life is?

Honestly speaking, I still feel like a high school student of about 17. Though I have the physical body of a 27-year-old adult (including aches and pains of one), I experience certain emotions and things I suppose many 27-year-olds my age also feel and I probably think somehow like 27-year-old is supposed to. But my mental and deep emotional state is still not that of an adult. Is that strange? I have even come across many people much younger than me that I guess you could say had more of an ‘adult presence’ than I will ever probably have. Sometimes I feel a little ashamed because though I am older than them I get ‘out- adulted’ by them if that is even a word.


I wonder when the time will come when I truly feel like an adult and understand what I was placed on this planet for? Maybe I will find out or maybe I will not? Maybe there are a lot of other adults who are having the same exact uncertain thoughts and feelings as me but dare utter them aloud because they still want to play the part of an adult that knows what they are doing.  Is there a phase I must go through to become an adult? Or do you just sit back, wait and… become an adult. Will I ever figure it out?

It would be really nice to hear people’s thoughts on this topic, so feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think. I hope you all have a great day and take care!


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