Hello, Again Folks!

Hello Tomodachi’s

It has been practically a month since I last posted anything on my blog. Tomorrow would have made exactly a month. How are you all doing? I am doing alright so far. Today’s blog will only be touching base on a few things that have happened since I last posted. Do not get too excited, there was not too much that happened. 

My massaging job is going so far so good and I hope it continues like this in the future. I was able to receive some tips from quite some people which did not really happen at all when I first started working. Now it seems like people are understanding what it means to show a little appreciation to masseuse considering how of a tiring and strenuous this job can be on the body.

Furthermore, as I can imagine most of you must have at least briefly heard what happened to the Caribbean thanks to the ‘sweet’ Hurricane Irma. As some of you might already know, I come from a small Dutch island in the Caribbean called Saba. In my previous blog posts, I remember talking about my island on a few occasions. Though my island got quite a beating it did quite a good job weathering the storm and holding up to such a natsy category 5 hurricane. Especially when you compare it to other islands who did not have it so lucky. As a Caribbean-born woman, I commend the Caribbean for not only holding to one but two hurricanes in the span of just a few days. Even though, the last hurricane moved away from some of the islands and in the end, the islands only received some high winds and rain. How many other major countries would have been able to weather the storm like the small Caribbean islands can with little resources. Although many people have lost their homes, which is very sad, they are still alive and well to see the next day.

I hope whoever reads my blog today will keep the Caribbean islands and its people in your prayers. Have a blessed day and take care.


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