Been in quite a good mood since Saturday!

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you this nice Monday evening? Well, as my blog post title suggests I have been in quite a good mood since Saturday evening.

The reason for that being, when I was working on Saturday evening at my massage job I had just finished massaging a client. After the massage, they were so relaxed and relieved that you could actually see the relief and happiness on her face. Seeing her happy made me happy!

I have to admit, she had a lot of knots and tightness in her back and shoulders so I really tried my best to relieve her the best way I could. My poor thumbs even ended up suffering and hurting in the process by the time I was done. But at least I made a customer really happy that she ended up constantly thanking me and giving me 10 euro tip (that I was very reluctant on taking at first but she insisted). She even asked me for my massaging business card which none of us massage employees have so I ended up giving her my own personal business card and she said she would ask for me again the next time she came, which made me quite happy.

Though my thumbs hurt like hell after that I was still glad I made a customer happy. Although, this was not the first time I received a tip or compliment from clients (and I also received not so good feedback as well) because all of that comes when working in an establishment but this was the first time I saw a client so ecstatic that her happiness even rubbed off on me making me happy with her. That may sound weird to some but that is just how it was.

Anyway, that is the end of my post for today and I hope you all take care and have a great day! Well, until my next post and hopefully I am able to complete a short video I intend to post on time about my mini trip to Brussels last week.

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