Why do some people get so offensive when race issues are brought up?

Hello Tomodachi’s,

I hope today was a good day for you all and that it continues to be a good day for you. In today’s blog post I wanted to briefly get some things off of my chest. It is my blog, after all, and that is partially the purpose why I started it up beside wanting to share my poetry and writing.

Anyway, I am very curious as to why some people feel the need to avoid the topic when it comes to race or become completely defensive when you point out the discrepancies in their opinion and excuses. People seem to make all the excuses in the world for certain situation when it comes to other races but when it comes to black people those excuses fall flat because they “must have done something wrong”. They are usually proven guilty before they even go to trial. As much as people want to deny this, there is a bias in people’s minds towards black or dark skinned people and they are always perceived as negative. If some people would just admit that this bias (as well as negativity towards black people) exists instead of trying to sweep it under the rug we would be so much closer to trying to improve race issues than we are now.


There are some people who make ridiculous comments about those who bring up race as being “race baiters”, whatever that even means. Or they make statements like “why are we always talking about race?”. However, if we do not bring it up how do you expect for there to be any progress? There will never be progress like that! How the heck did you expect women’s rights and slavery abolition was partially achieved. It was because people talked about it and fought for what they believed in. They did not just shut up and expect for things to happen.

These sorts of things really get on my nerve. It annoys me because these same people who talk like this will not be outraged and ask for justice when a black person is shot down and killed but they will make one hell of a fuss if it were a white person or someone from their family who was shot and killed. I can imagine most of you must have already heard of the Australian woman who was shot and killed by a police officer in Minneapolis sometime last week. And how so many people were in such an outrage and wanted justice for that woman. The officer who is a minority was surprisingly asked to step down from their position. However, I have lost count of how many innocent black men, women and children were killed by officers and how many people were outraged and demanded justice for them in the same way they are outraged and are demanding justice now for this one woman? How many of these officers were relieved from their positions? Has the Australian woman’s police record been released to the public by the police as it is usually done for black persons shot and killed? These people had families too, you know?!


People who continue to deny that there are no race issues going on throughout this entire world are just continuing to be willfully ignorant. They refuse to face the music because it does not affect them in any way. If it did, they would definitely be singing a different tune.

Even in anime and manga, that I so love and adore, you see that there are so very few representation of dark skinned characters if any. And when they are rarely shown, in many cases, they are portrayed as slaves, the bad guy, the crook, as well as many other negative things. Of course, not all of the time but it happens a lot. Do you mean to tell me there is so few positive black character representations in anime and the only ‘good role’ fit for a black or brown character is to play as the bad guy and criminal? When I bring up these things in the comment section, because when I have something to say I just say it, you would not believe how many people (kids) take offence in what I say. Hmm, I wonder why?…

I am not trying to offend anyone. If people want to take what I comment as an offence, it is on them.

2 thoughts on “Why do some people get so offensive when race issues are brought up?

  1. Angie you are spot on! As long as we are here, race issue lives on, for this world is no perfect and permanent place. But we must only continue to find ways to live together peaceably. Thanks for this wonderful piece!

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