Being Broken Hearted

Hello Tomodachi’s,

As most of you may already know by now, on Fridays I personally like to share poetry with you all, whether it be my own or someone else’s poetry. 

This Friday’s poetry blog post is about being broken hearted. Most people have experienced this at some point in their lives, even I have. Although, most of my broken heartedness was unrequited. Hopelessly loving someone who you know will never return your love. But as hopeless as it may be you still have a hard time giving up until you get to the point of having enough of not having your love returned.

And so I came across this poem and thought it might ring true for many people who have had their hearts broken and not returned. As much as a wonderful feeling love can be it can also be terrifying and painful at the same time.

Telling Myself

© SummerBreeze

Published: June 2008

as I lay here staring out the window
our memories flowing through my mind
holding back as a tear hits the pillow
scared of thoughts I might find.
telling myself I’ll be stronger tomorrow
if you would just come back until then
but instead it’s constant sorrow
now I have nothing for he was my sin.
as time should heal all things
it feels as if it’s going so slow
crying, careless what life brings
but I do not dare to let it show.
for he was my love
now that is gone
telling myself I’ll be happier another day
until then
wondering what went wrong
thinking why didn’t he stay.
I rather just cry now and not hurt later
and ask myself why this happened to me
telling myself it’ll soon get better
I really hope
I believe.


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