Praying for all the victims who were injured or killed in terrorist attacks across the world.

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you all? I am saddened by all of the hate and atrocities happening all across the world. So, I wanted to write a blog talking about these tragedies and how there is so very little to no coverage talking about the (Non-Western) victims of terrorist attacks who have been injured or killed. Whether Western or Non-Western, I pray for all victims. It is just too sad that innocent have to get injured or killed for no real reason at all!

Unlike many news platforms who choose to only focus on the atrocities occurring in the West, I do not belong to any established news organisation with an agenda and so I can talk about anything that suits my fancy. That is what I enjoy most when I write on my blog. I enjoy having the freedom to write about what I want without always having to write about what I think people would want to hear. I can also make the decision to write about topics that many people do not want or like hear.


If I asked how many readers have heard of the attacks that occurred in London, I would bet all my money, that the majority of you will know what I am talking about. However, if I were to ask, how many of you know about the terrorist attack that occurred in Afghanistan that claimed 90 lives, how many of you would say you do? How about the dual suicide attacks that occurred in Indonesia? All of the three attacks I just mentioned were all the handiwork of ISIS (members) and extremists. Many of you know of the attacks that occurred London because this has been the only thing thoroughly covered this past couple of weeks.

The only difference between all these terrorist attacks are that they were done in different countries, two of these countries having a Muslim majority population and the other being a Western country. However, the news coverage that these other countries received (when compared to the London, Belgium and Paris attacks) leaves much to be desired. This kind of news coverage always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. It is disgusting. There are so many other countries out there that have also experienced terrorist attacks but I guess those countries are not considered AS important as the Western ones. Am I right or am I right?… “All lives matter”, right? Even as I write this blog post, I am reading that there was a twin terrorist attack in Iran earlier. I wonder how much coverage that will receive?

Do not try to assume that the purpose of this blog post is to take away from the attacks that occurred in London and other West countries. That is not my intention. However, I am sick and tired of seeing everyone sympathising whenever something terrible happens to the West and never giving a shit when the same thing happens to other Non-Western countries. Where are the similar slogan lines like: ‘Je Suis… Lebanon, Syria’? Where is the change your profile picture to the flag of the countries that have been recently plagued by terrorist attacks, like Facebook did after the Paris attack?

Although Muslims make up the majority of victims being injured and killed by the ongoing terror attacks all around the world, nobody seems to care. People only begin to care, only, and only when tragedy strikes the West. People tend to forget that the rise of ISIS was due to the West always selfishly intervening in things that had nothing to do with them or intervening for the sake of money (and oil et cetera).


One of my closest friends and I were having somewhat of a heated conversation about this same topic and her response was that maybe the reason why most people overreact more to western tragedies compared to other countries is because it hits closer to home. In addition, she also said something along the lines of “the West has been at ‘peace’ for quite some time since the last World Wars and having something like this happen scares everyone. Thinking a war could break out at any time.” My friend and I can usually agree on many things but this topic is just not one of them.

My question is: who were the instigators that started the first and second World War, in the first place? Was it not the West? Are we only now fearing war because we have this so called ‘peace’ but did it matter when the West was taking away other countries’ peace? How many other nations had their peace taken away from them when the West invaded, stole from and colonised them? Not to mention, the only reasons why the West has this so called ‘peace’ is because of how many countries and nations they used and forced under their control using their military might. When the West was waging many wars and conquering other countries, putting the fear of God in them, did the thought of peace even cross their minds?

Despite all that has happened, however, that is all in the past now. No matter what we do now, it will not bring back the dead. All we can do is live our lives the best way we can and try to get along. We are all equal and we all currently have the same enemy: ISIS [members] and extremists.

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