Am I being too naive when it comes to relationships?

Hello again Tomodachi’s,

Today’s weather was not as hot but just as nice as yesterday and the day before. I have no real complaints and worries with regards towards the weather but I have been considering my stance when it comes to relationships.

I have a friend who I have known for a little over two years and in those two years, he has been with his handful of women. I would even say he goes from one relationship to the next without taking a breather. Once he sees the relationship is getting too serious and the women get too attached, he breaks it off because he himself is not looking for anything serious at the moment.

Anyway, he has asked me on a few occasions when will I be getting myself a boyfriend because I have not been in any relationships or dates with anyone since I met him. I always say I am not ready and I am not looking for anyone because I am too busy being into myself to be worried about relationships right now. I do not need to have physical contact (sex) nor do I need to constantly be in a relationship to be happy and enjoy myself. He thinks I am being ridiculous because our biology says otherwise and that I should go out, meet people, date and enjoy myself more. I disagree.


I am the type of person who enjoys my peace and quiet time more than always being around others.  Sure, I have had a few flings/ summer flings here and there and have had some fun in the past but in the end, I got sick of that lifestyle because I am just not that kind of person. I promised myself the next time I plan to date and get into any physical relationship with anyone I wanted there to be a true meaning behind our relationship or I would just be wasting my time. I want my next relationship(s) to be more than just physical and more than just about having fun. I want more than just a temporary relationship, if I can say it any other way. And I am not saying the way other people live their lives is wrong either. It is just that that type of lifestyle is just not for me.

I am aware that many relationships fall apart for whatever reason and that is okay because if there was true meaning behind it then it could not be helped that it fell apart. I am looking for a meaningful relationship and not one where I temporarily satisfy my sexual and physical desires and loneliness. Of course, I sometimes get lonely too but I refuse to enter any relationship with that mindset just because I feel lonely. As I said before that kind of relationship is just a temporary fix and I do not want something like that for myself. So, does that make me naive to think that way and to set standards for myself? I am having a hard time explaining exactly what I mean but I hope my meaning somehow comes across.

What are your thoughts on this matter, dear reader? I am somewhat curious.

4 thoughts on “Am I being too naive when it comes to relationships?

  1. No, Angie, you’re not being naive at all, IMO. There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting a relationship that has meaning beyond fun and pleasure, although fun and pleasure do help to sustain a relationship.

    I found myself in a similar dilemma a while back when my “spiritual” sister told me I needed to have a “sexual expression”. She was right, and still is, but my makeup is such that I just can’t get with just anybody and still maintain my self-respect. Sex isn’t so all-fired important that you give up who you are for a few minutes or hours of physical satisfaction.

    I guess that’s why I’m still single, but I’ve also been married twice. I’m not looking for anyone else, but I’m keeping myself open to possibilities.

    Just keep being who you are, dear lady, and don’t concern yourself with what others think.


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