Some people are upset that BTS won the Billboard Music Awards

If you are as much into music as the next person, you may have heard of the K-pop boy band, BTS, taking the Billboard Music Award home.  As proud as I am about them winning, even though I am not a major fan but still a fan nonetheless (of Korean music), there were some who was not as thrilled. These displeased people then decide to go to social media in order to insult the band by making racists as well as other negative comments about the Korean boy band generalising them as ‘Asians’. Yes, they are Asians but not all Asians are the same or even look the same. OPEN YOUR MIND PEOPLE! 

It is understandable to become frustrated and angry when your favourite singer or a band from your country or region does not win, but to take it out on BTS who were just enjoying themselves and doing their thing is not right either. Have you not HEARD any other music besides American before? If you gave them (and other types of music/ entertainment) a chance you might actually like what you hear and expand your horizon and experience, instead of listening to the same things being played on the radio and television day in and day out. There is other great music out there besides American music and entertainment. You just need to be open to it. And what about them being Asians have anything to do with them winning if they have the talent? Just listen to a few of their songs… Below are some of my favourite songs from BTS.

Although, I say this now, I am not sure how I would have reacted if it were seven years ago before I came to the Netherlands for college. I might not have been as positive either although I would not have made racist comments either. This is because growing up on a small island like Saba I was mostly only exposed to American, Caribbean, Spanish/ Latin and Zouk/ Creole music. So if I were to be exposed to other types of music besides what I was accustomed to, it would have probably been strange to me back then, too. So, in some ways, I can understand these people in a basic sense.

Only when I came to the Netherlands I decided on my own to explore other cultures and entertainment because I was getting tired of only watching American entertainment. As a student in the Netherlands, I had two things I did not really have on Saba and they were: 1. Extremely fast working internet and 2. Time. Unlike the general belief of many people who do not live on an island, island life for most islanders is not about sipping on Piña Colada under some coconut tree and relaxing all day long. At least, it was not for me and many others. I had to work harder and longer on Saba than I ever had to here in the Netherlands. So half of the time I ended up never doing what I wanted to do. The Netherlands was somewhat more of a vacation for me in some ways.

Anyway, the point of the matter is that if I did not leave my island Saba, I probably would have not really gotten the opportunity to do and enjoy the things that I do now. Or I probably would not have been as open to accept and expose myself to different cultures and entertainment than I am now. So what these people need is to be gradually exposed to new things and cultures. Because I can imagine 9 out of 10 times they have  mostly lived all their lives in America or have never really travelled far. So they have only been inside of their own bubble all this time and have a hard time adjusting to new things.

I do not agree with what they said at all because I am quite the fan of Japanese, Korean and some Indian entertainment but I think they just need to be gradually exposed to different things. But that also depends if they are willing to be exposed to it. If they continuous refuse until ‘thy kingdom come’ then you cannot help those kinds of people…


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