Is being too carefree a bad or good thing?

Konnichiwa Tomodachi’s!

How are you all this very warm blessed Monday! The weather is so great today that honestly I do not know what to do with myself. πŸ˜…

I thought I was supposed to work at 2 pm but ended up seeing wrong and instead it was for 6 pm. How laughable. How could I get such a thing confused. Now I am stuck in Rotterdam with a couple of hours to spare πŸ˜‚. What should I do?

Anyway, there has been a few things going through my mind that I would like to share. Something happened not too long ago and it got me thinking maybe I am a little too carefree and do not get angry enough at people.

I am split when it comes to if I really like my carefree nature or not. Part of me likes my spontaneous and carefree nature and another part of me does not like it. For those of you who know the anime character Luffy from One Piece featured on this blog post, you would know what a crazy and carefree nature he has but when he gets angry for whatever reason he really gets ANGRY. I can relate to Luffy a lot, minus his crazy and troublesome nature. I even sometimes aspire to be more like him because he just has so much fun and lives his life to the fullest the way he wants to live his life, though he drives his friends and crewmembers crazy at times. That’s why I really like his character!

On the other side of the same coin, there will be people who would take advantage of your carefree nature or take advantage of the fact that you seldom get angry. Very, very few people has seen me really get angry. Not even some of my closest friends (especially here in the Netherlands) has ever seen me get really angry because I am the type of person who does not like disturbing the peace or making a mole into a mountain. I dislike stressing too much over things or make a big deal of it. This is because:

  1. I know we are all human and we all make all types of silly or major blunders during the course of our lives which is normal and,
  2. I dislike getting angry or stressed over silly things because life is too short to be wasting energy or being angry or stressed. In this short life of mine I want to spend it the best way I possibly can and that includes not always getting angry .

Of course, I get a little frustrated at times and even a little irritated but I seldom get very angry.

I wonder, though, if some people treat me Β in a certain way because they are aware that I do not really get angry. Like the saying goes “A monkey knows what tree to climb on”.

Yes, I seldom get angry because of my carefree nature but when I get angry I get really angry, just like Luffy. I explode like a volcano eruption and it takes a very long time to get me settled down again. I take and take and take and then unexpectedly I explode on people. No one knows when I will explode (some people probably do not even expect me to), not even I know when the next time I will explode until it suddenly happens.

So, what do you readers think? Would you say being carefree is a good or bad thing if you were in my position? And what would you do about it?

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