How often does a writer need to write to be considered a ‘serious writer’?

Hello Tomodachi’s,

It seems, every time I post on my blog I do it so sporadically. I am not doing it on purpose, I swear! It is just sometimes I have trouble coming up with a good topic to write about. So in order not to bore my readers, I end up not writing at all. I would rather write about something a little interesting or share something that I actually enjoy with my audience instead of writing something for the sake of writing. In my opinion, it is far worse than not writing anything at all, when there is no topic to speak of. Do you not agree?

Anyway, I have been keeping myself locked away in my mind for quite some time now, and have been thinking a little about my writing hobby and writing career. Basically my writing future. I have been wondering how many times a writer must write to be considered a dedicated, serious and good writer? I have heard of writers who write almost every second of every day. I have heard of writers who write a page or two per day to keep up their craft. I have heard of some who write every other day. And I have even heard of those who write as sporadically as I do. However, the million dollar question is: when is it considered overdoing it and when is it considered being too lax when writing is concerned?


I am aware that everyone is different and everyone does things differently, but what is considered a good balance for writing? I always wondered about these kinds of questions? Am I not a good and serious writer if I do not put pen to paper at least once every day or every other day? Granted, I am mostly writing as a hobby, but it does not make me any less serious than a writer who writes every day of his or her life, does it? I would really like to hear your opinions on this.

4 thoughts on “How often does a writer need to write to be considered a ‘serious writer’?

  1. Hi, Angie.
    While I can’t really answer your questions, I can say that you already have the answers. You said it in your post:

    “I am aware that everyone is different and everyone does things differently…”

    A good balance is what feels right to and for you. No matter what anyone else says, if it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not. And if it *does* feel right, it is.

    For me, it feels right to write something almost every day, especially when I’m working on a novel or short story. Some days I might write a couple hundred words, while other days I might write a few thousand. I know when to stop by when the juices stop flowing, when the words just don’t come. And I know how to recognize my muse when it comes to get me writing again.

    Just my thoughts on the subject. I hope they help.


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  2. If you’re having a hard time coming of with topics, remember that everything can be written about. You can even turn an ordinary, everyday event of your life into an interesting story if you provide enough sensory detail.

    There’s a philosopher who once said to write what is tangible and there, not what is “speculative”, unless we’re referencing scientific theories or literary devices. In which case, those speculations are used to bring tangibility to life in a work that seems real, yet imaginative.

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