I took part in a photo shoot.

Hey Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing? I am doing alright. Nothing major is happening in my life besides the possibility of getting a job as a masseuse if everything goes according to plan. Not to mention, I did not even realise that yesterday made exact 2 years since I started my Angie’s Inspiration blog. It was my blogging anniversary and I would have continued not to know if I did not see WordPress’ notification. Although it is belated ‘Yay me!’. 

Anyway, several weeks ago I participated in a photoshoot with someone I got to know through personal connections. I am very grateful to Mick Bouten for the opportunity because I had never done a photo shoot before, so this was my very first try in modelling (for anything). I just wanted to try something new and different. As you could probably expect I was very nervous in the beginning but later loosened up a little and was able to take some really nice shots as you can see below. Do you think they came out well?

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