Contemplating about life…

Hey there Tomodachi’s,

How have you all been doing? Apologies for the absence again. By any chance, was I missed? I did miss you all and also missed writing on my blog but I just needed some time to myself to think and get some of my thoughts in order.

This past couple of weeks I have not been writing, I have been asking myself some serious life questions of which direction is the right direction for me to take in my life, what is my purpose in life and how do I plan to get there? And of course, like many other people on this planet who have asked themselves these same questions, I could not answer half of them because I did not know. 

Although I may not know how to answer many of these questions I have asked myself, there are a couple of goals that I have given myself even though I am still confused, in doubt and uncertain about many aspects of my life and future. Anyway, to name a few of my goals that I have thoroughly thought about, they are:

  1. Acquiring my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, of course
  2. Learning/ practising 3 languages
  3. And performing more of my poetry and spoken word on stage

My first goal I am so very close to achieving but have yet to achieve. I still need to write up my thesis before I am able to graduate which, believe me, is a pain in the ass to do.

My second goal of learning three languages is, very much, still a work in progress and I have a long way to go before I consider myself good enough but I am making some progress. The three languages I intend to learn or improve on are: Dutch, Japanese and Spanish. For the time being, I will focus on learning/ improving on my Dutch and Japanese and later I will focus on my Spanish. I have already completed my Second Basic course of Japanese that I started sometime in January and will be hopefully continuing the next course the beginning of May for the next term.


Last but not least, my third goal is to force myself to go on stage at least 2 or 3 times in a month to perform my poetry and spoken word. This goal is quite a personal one for me because hopefully, it can help me to step out from my comfort zone more and build my confidence.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little something about what I have been doing and thinking about up until now. If you enjoyed reading this even just a little then I am glad. Have a great day and take care.

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