Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Hello Tomodachi’s,

I would like to send a big thank you and some virtual hugs to all of you who congratulated me on my birthday. Today’s blog is just me briefly sharing some words and pictures of how I spent my birthday on Friday.

Anyway, during the day, in the afternoon, I spoke to my parents for some time on Skype before hanging up and writing my Friday’s blog before started getting ready to go to Rotterdam to meet a gay friend of mine for some dinner and drinks. We first went to a nice Korean restaurant in Rotterdam Blaak and ate. While there he also handed me over my birthday gift of a Toucan outfit (onesy) he bought earlier in the day for me. After having eaten and having some fun (with the fact that it seemed some of my friends on my social media were under the impression that my friend I was hanging out and taking pictures with was my boyfriend :’D ) we later went to get some drinks at a quite fancy looking lounging bar to have a few drinks before retiring for the night.

He took a couple of pictures of me during the night, and I posted them on my social media pages. It was a lot of fun. A lot of fun that I haven’t had in a while. I also celebrated on Saturday evening with some of my other friends who were not able to visit me on my birthday itself. However, I do not have any pictures showing what we did on Saturday, sorry.

Vangelis and I.jpg

Eating at the korean restaurant.jpg

Eating icecream.jpg

Rotterdam's Erasmus Bridge.jpg

At the bar.jpg

The next day this is me trying out my gifted onesy outfit from my friend Vangelis. As you can probably tell, I was having some fun with it. 😀



Author: Angie's Inspiration

My name is Angie Ignacio, I currently live in The Netherlands but I am originally from a very small five (5) square mile island in the Dutch Caribbean called Saba. I enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, dancing, singing, watching anime and reading manga comics. I also enjoy listening to Asian (Japanese, Korean and sometimes Chinese) music. I am trying to learn the Japanese language since I am such a big fan of Japan. I am also a published author of two books a poetry book called I'm Only Human and children's picture book called Baby Toucan.

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