Hey, You, Young Women of the World!

Hello again Tomodachi’s,

Apologies, apologies, apologies. Though this blog post is coming MUCH later (a day later in fact) than I was expecting to post it, but as promised, here it is. On my Monday’s blog post I spoke about me presenting a spoken word poem on stage at the Hostel Rooms on Sunday evening. The poem is called Hey, You, Young Women of the World. When you read the poem below you will be able to interpret the poem the way you want to interpret it. It is alright to debate on what it means to you or how you interpreted it.

Anyway, I would like to also add that though I wanted to share the video of my presenting my poem at Hostel Room here on my blog I was unable to download and reupload it to my YouTube channel (or even share it on any of my other Facebook pages) due to it being posted on private. The video was posted from off a friend’s Facebook page and that friend’s whole page is set on ‘private’. So yeah, I ran into some issues when trying to download and (re)post the video. I hope you like the poem either way despite me not being unable to post the video of it on my blog as I intended to do in the beginning. I also plan on making a video of me presenting my spoken word.

Just need to find the time and energy to do so. But until then, have a great day and take care.

Hey, You, Young Women of the World!

Hey, you! Young, intelligent women of the world,
You who are beautiful and unique in your own special way,
What is the very first thing you see when you look into the mirror?
Do you see a voluptuous body with perky tits,
A round behind and heavy set hips?
Or do you see a woman who knows her worth
A woman who knows what she wants
And refuses to be treated like dirt?
I believe women were made to do more
Then just to roll their hips
Spread their thighs and part their lips
For men who just want to get in their pants
Women were born to do more
Women were born to BE more.
Instead of being looked at as some piece of meat dangling on a stick
To satisfy some lonely man’s dick…
Yes, you heard right. I said: to satisfy some lonely man’s dick!
Stand tall and hold your head high with pride
For I see a woman who has wisdom in her eyes
Intelligence in her sighs
And confidence in her strides
I hope you do not allow anyone to tell you differently.

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