Avoiding to provide proper education because of taboos only breeds ignorance

Hello Tomodachi’s

It is Wednesday yet again and the damn weeks are going so fast! Whew!

Anyway, I will get straight to the point. I wanted to talk about a Facebook post from Buzzfeed I came across a few days ago about comments made by various men about women’s anatomy and menstrual cycle etc. I was floored by the ignorance and stupidity of some of these said ‘men’.

You can find the article here if you would like to read for yourself the ridiculousness some men think about when they consider women’s anatomy. It would have you laughing but at the same time make you shake your head in shame to see where the education system has failed these young men. It is shameful!

Too often I see(or hear) ignorant people talk about certain topics and wonder to myself how and why did the education system fail them in this way? However, I can understand why they may be ignorant on some topics because of many schools, especially religious schools, who refuse to or avoid properly educating the youth (men) about taboo subjects such as sex and about reproductive systems of both genders. The schools choose to separate classes between boys and girls when this should not be the case. I do not agree with this at all. Both genders should know about the other’s anatomy and reproductive functions. If not you will end up with some very ignorant young ‘adults’. You will end up with people who believe that if you have sex while standing the female would not get pregnant. I believe that is how we end up with a generation of ignorant people despite having this advanced technology at our disposal.

Anyway, I just wanted to briefly touch (vent) on this subject because the ignorance of some of these people mildly got on my nerves. Although, I cannot completely fault them because they were never really taught this in school.

What do you think? Do you agree?

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