My upcoming children’s picture book progress

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you all doing? On Friday I received a draft layout of my children’s picture book cover page and interior design (gallery) and I could not be happier. Of course,  I already had somewhat of a basic idea of how I wanted my book to appear like most authors do but when I received my gallery last week the layout exceeded my expectations. I was impressed, to say the least

Now, all that needs to be done is to review the material I was given and list the corrections I want to be made before the book is sent to the printers and then published. So everything is going A-Okay with regards to my book. I could not be happier with the results, although I will be handing in the correction form to improve on some minor issues on my book.

So, if anyone is looking to give my children’s picture book (Baby Toucan) to their child as a gift or know of someone with a child who they would like to give a worthwhile birthday gift to, let me know via my email address at I will even include a little message with no added charges.

My children’s picture book is for children between the ages of 4 to 8 and will be available in about 2 weeks time. For more information about my upcoming children’s book, you can read one of my blog posts from a few months when I was talk about having a piece written about me in the newspaper. So keep an eye open for it. Take care and have a great day.

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