Do you believe in the idiom of “don’t beat the dead horse”?

Hello Tomodachi’s,

Today is Wednesday! This means we are halfway through the week and the weekend could not come any faster because I, of course, am already exhausted as per usual. On this side of the planet, it is very cold and it could not get any colder than it already is. It is quite frigid but I am trying my best to keep warm. Today’s topic of the day is about the idiom: ‘beating the dead horse’. Do you also beat the dead horse even after knowing the fact that the horse is dead?

I have always wondered if other people would really call it quits when faced with something they deemed inevitable (or impossible). Or would they stick it out until the very end and try to fix it or get themselves out of their situation?

I am the type of person who despite knowing the outcome, would still fight (for better or for worse) for what I believe in and hang on until I saw better results. I would still beat that horse despite knowing it was long dead.

However, that is not always the case. When I see something is absolutely and utterly hopeless I stop at the very, very last second just before ‘that dead horse’ crashes. Sometimes I just do not know when to give up. I am the type of person who believes in miracles and in the thought of anything is possible. That is because I detest the thought of hopelessness and the thought of no matter how hard I try nothing can be done to change the (inevitable) outcome. And I can imagine nobody likes to feel helpless and hopeless. But what are your thoughts?

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