It seems like the world has gone out of control…

Hello Tomodachi’s,

Is everyone doing alright despite all of the craziness that has happened in this past week alone since Trump’s inauguration?

Trump had barely been in office for a week and he has caused many problems and heartache for countless of people. How sad. Cannot believe there were people crazy enough to elect this buffoon to be president but have the audacity to comment on how much of a worse president President Obama was. No, they did not like him because he was black and did not follow the stereotypes that are placed on many black men and black people in general and he was too intelligent for them. Especially for a black man…  But oh well, history shall repeat itself once again, I guess. There is almost no stopping it.

However, some of the concerns I have are what should regular citizens, like myself, do when the rest of the world has gone crazy? Should we prepare as if preparing for an apocalypse or a next world war? In an older blog post, I wrote about if Tump were to ever be elected to be president to expect for there to be a World War Three on our hands and I stand by what I said back then and now. What are we to do if a World War three were to break out in this ‘modern and progressive‘ world.

Anyway, I have had enough of speaking about Trump and this corrupt world. As a side note, I just wanted to briefly say that I have finally started my Niveau 2 Japanese courses last week Thursday evening. I am quite happy about it because I can finally ask an actual Japanese-born all of the questions I have had nagging on my mind for so long. My courses will be for 11 weeks, so I intend to upload some videos on my YouTube channel of my learning progress until the next few weeks because I am still too preoccupied with some things going on in my life before I will begin to have more time for myself and for future projects.

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