Free screening of The Devil in the Disco Documentary for Rotterdam’s Film Festival!

Hello Tomodachi’s,

How are you all? Monday would have made exactly two weeks since I last posted anything on my blog. Due to having some necessary and important things to do such as studying for an exam among other things I was not able to post. Sorry for that folks.

Anyway, somewhat late last night something strange but at the same time interesting happened. I was at Rooms Hostel because they were having an open mic night and I was at the bar and just received my drink when out of the blue an older man started talking to me. 

I later found out his name was George Butler after some time talking with him and also that he was a British managing director of the upcoming documentary film, The Devil in the Disco. He had just arrived to the city of Rotterdam that very morning for the International Film Festival Rotterdam event that is currently taking place.

So, here I am writing a blog for a person who I just met late last night although it is so very last minute. Interesting is it not? 😂

So, for those film junkies who are particularly interested in documentaries, this may be something of interest to you. The screening starts at 8 pm tonight and and there is no entry fee. Hooray!!

The documentary is about a musician, Bernard Févre’s, rise to fame after his music inspired artists such as Aphex Twin and The Chemical Brothers and all of this happened after 30 years of obscurity and having no one buy his mucis. If you are looking for more information and a preview of the film you can visit: or get in contact with the managing director George Butler at

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