Why did I become a writer?

Hello Tomodachi’s,

Good evening everyone. How are you all?

Today I am writing a short post on how I became a writer. Do not expect anything along the lines of: ‘I LOVE writing! Even as a child I had a talent for writing and began writing all kinds of imaginative stories and ideas down on paper.’ Because it actually did not quite happen that way. 

Actually, in the early stages of my life, I was trying really hard to find myself and find out what the heck I was good at! Almost every child I knew around me (or saw on the television) had some sort of talent that was manifesting (or had already begun manifesting) when they were still so very young. And then there was me, an average child, with no real talent at all but to read and that I was a little intellectual and a knowledgeable in certain areas. It would be an understatement if I said I was just a little jealous of all the other kids that could show off their talents while I had no talent at all to show for. It almost felt like I, an average kid, was being left behind by the other (talented) kids. I wanted to have a talent that I could develop, too.

Anyway, during that time I began focusing on the things I was really bad at. And a few of the things I was quite bad at was conveying my feelings and thoughts properly as well as having proper writing skills in general. I constantly and consistently practised on improving that part of myself and tried improving on my impoverished English and vocabulary. Despite various attempts by a few of my teachers to deter me, I persisted.

Later down the line and through a lot of effort and self-studying on my part, I recognised my one and only half-assed talent and made steps on developing it. I realised after much practice and trial and error that I could express myself better in writing than I ever could in speaking. Later, everything I wanted to convey just easily flowed out compared to speaking. Then, at that point, I began exploring with my writing and my writing style. First, it was with poetry, then singer/songwriting and later story writing.

It had been a long process for me and I am no genius writer but for the most part, I enjoy writing and found the one talent I have been looking for. I am not the best and may very well never be the best but I can sure strive to be the best by always doing my very best. I will not give up now after all of the work I have put into my talent to try and develop it. I am always trying to find ways to improve on my writing talent as best as I can. Though, it is still a hard process.

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