New Year, New Opportunities!

Hello Tomodachi’s,

Happy New Year! How did you spend the first few days of 2017? I spent my New Year’s holiday celebrating and sleeping over by friends and having quite a cough that has my throat in a little pain and now I am sounding like the Grudge.😣

This year I am wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year from this side of the world. I wish you nothing but happiness and the possibility to explore new opportunities that have yet to come your way.

Instead of it being the usual new year, new you, it should be rephrased as a new year, new opportunities. Just as I saw a post a few days ago where it was written: a year = to 365 opportunities. Almost every day you are alive you have a chance to obtain an opportunity. It all depends if you can spot that opportunity that comes your way and if you grab it when you see it.

For example, such opportunities came my way just Friday evening when I was in Rotterdam and met a really nice lady (actually two nice ladies) and a few days later she posted such a sweet post, as you can see below. It was also the very first time we ever met but she was so very nice and we got along so well that it felt like we knew each other for much longer than we did. Thank you, Sylwia for your post. It was and is very much appreciated.


Also, prior to the post, I was able to see another opportunity that same Friday night. Thanks to some friends ushering me to the stage, I was able to read two of my poems from my poetry book I’m Only Human during the Open Mic session at Hostel Room Rotterdama hostel and lounging bar. Although I was very nervous, and my voice sounded horrible at least to my ears, it seemed much of the audience enjoyed my reading to which I am glad. I mentioned the name of my poetry book and my name and the possibility of them buying it online before bowing down from the stage.

All in all, it was a nice Friday night filled with opportunities and laughter. This new year is all yours. It is now all up to you to take your chances as they come!

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