It might not have been the best year but I  am still grateful for 2016!

Hello Tomodachi’s

Can you believe that 2016 is coming to a close? I was just wondering what were your thoughts about the year and all of the things that transpired?

Personally, I feel that despite everything that has happened in 2016, I am still grateful for a lot of things.

For example, I am grateful to God to see another day; I am grateful to still have all my limbs attached; I am grateful for having good health up until now; I am grateful for my supportive family and friends; I am grateful for all of the opportunities I was given this year, however, big or small; I am grateful to still be alive…

There are many things to be grateful about despite 2016 not being the best of years.

Is there anything that occurred in 2016 that you are grateful for?

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