You will never know if you do not ask

Hello Tomodachi’s,

As you can already see 2016 is almost at its end and does it not seem like a lot of things has happened in this measly year alone? Is it just me?…

Anyway, today’s advice this chilly Wednesday evening is about if you do not ask someone about or for something you will never know what their answer could be. They could tell (or not tell you) what you want to hear or they could agree (or not agree) with what you have to say. We have no idea what someone’s answer could be. There is no harm in asking. The worse someone could tell you is no. And at the same time, they could completely surprise you by saying yes and going beyond your expectations.

For example, this Christmas holiday I feared that I would have to spend it alone since my plans of spending it with some family did not fall through because of some unforeseen circumstances. I spoke with a good friend about my plans not falling through and my fears about spending it alone. She was a little irritated with me because she asked why did I not ask any of my friends about spending it with them. However, I am the kind of person who does not like imposing on someone else’s home, especially when they are spending their time and holidays with family. I was not expecting anything. I was not expecting for anyone to be willing to have me over to celebrate Christmas with them and their family.

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Anyway, my friend completely surprised me and when she asked if I wanted to spend my Christmas with her and her family. I was very shocked because as I mentioned before I was not expecting anything from anyone. So in the end, I spent my Christmas with her and had a lot of fun dancing, chatting and eating my fill. Initially, the plan was to only have dinner with her family but I ended up sleeping over as well.

So, my fears of spending my Christmas alone was prevented because of something as simple as asking or in my case being asked.

One thought on “You will never know if you do not ask

  1. Blessings come in many guises, Angie. I had something similar happen this past Thanksgiving. I hadn’t made any plans other than to spend the holiday alone working on my writing. But a friend called and asked if I’d like to have dinner with her and her family.

    It was a nice break from my normal day.



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