Writer’s block can be quite annoying

Hello Tomodachi’s,

Are you doing well? Today I will be talking about every writer’s dreadful encounter known as the writer’s block. I, of course, have experienced my share of writer’s block which usually is not pretty. For writers, it is not a nice feeling at all when you feel all your creativity has dried up. During those times I can imagine most writers (like myself)Β feel lost and do not know what to do with themselves.

Writer’s block is like being stuck in traffic and having nothing else to do but wait until the traffic starts moving again. It always annoys me because my writer’s block can remain anywhere from a few weeks to several months to even a year or more.

I sometimes envy the creative persons whose creativity and ideas just come gushing out as if there is no end to it. I have always wondered how some people could write every day because I could never do that. My creativity is not nearly as endless as that. In fact, to be more precise my creativity comes out in short and sudden spurts.

As a writer, I am very curious about knowing more about how others feel and experience writer’s block and how they overcome it. Some writers have found their ideal solution(s) for overcoming writer’s block but I have yet to find my own solutions. I just sit back and wait for my inspiration to return because if I try pushing too hard I end up with mediocre work. And I refuse to produce mediocre work.

11 thoughts on “Writer’s block can be quite annoying

  1. Yes, writer’s block can be a problem. I knew, somewhere deep down inside, I wanted to be writer. I’d be watching a TV show or reading a book, and I’d often come across a scene where I thought, “I would have done that differently.” I even did this growing up.

    My writing first reared it’s head, I suppose, in letters to the editor of the newspapers in St. Pete, Florida, where I would challenge other letter writers with whom I disagreed. And at one point, living in upstate New York, I submitted an article about the child protection system to the Poughkeepsie Journal, and was published there.

    But my real writing began with my first website on Geocities in the mid-1990’s. It went further when I finally got on Facebook and started reading blogs. I decided I could do that too, and went through a few blogging sites. But then I became disabled and had to find ways to occupy my time that didn’t involve physical work. I began (for the second time, actually) my first novel. It took me three years to write, in large part due to writer’s block. I developed coping mechanisms with the help and advise of my ex-girlfriend, with whom I remain friends.

    Instead of sitting there staring at the screen, I did other things that interested me. I started gardening, increased my reading time, kept a dream journal and a journal of everyday experiences that dealt with my “spiritual” journey. I wrote a little poetry. All of that took my mind off my main task, writing that novel. And it often gave me inspiration to get back to it.

    I still get writer’s block, and probably always will. I envy the writers who, like Edward S. Aarons, an author of what may be called pulp fiction, could pump out several short novels a year.

    I still use coping mechanisms. But I recently tried my hand at a goal, suggested by a writer’s website, to write 50 thousand words in one month. I tried it just last month. And I failed.

    BUT! (Isn’t there always a “but”? LOL) But I wrote more last month than in any other month previously. I got out over 28 thousand words, not including re-writes, over-writes and minor edits. Yes, writer’s block was still a problem. Some days I’d write over 2 thousand words, other days I’d be lucky to get a hundred. And a few days I didn’t write anything at all. But I discovered I could really write more than I’d been doing. And to me that was validation of sorts. It led to my finishing my second novel in less than a year, as opposed to the three it took for the first. And in the meantime, while doing all of that (not including the month of the 50 grand goal), I finished a short story that’s on Amazon and started a couple other shorts.

    The thing for me was and is to just keep plugging away, with breaks to engage those coping mechanisms whenever necessary.

    Sorry to make this so long, Angie. I started writing, and it just kind of flowed out. I’ve found that happens sometimes too.


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    • No, it is perfectly alright Don. πŸ™‚ It didn’t feel long at all. I enjoyed reading about your journey as a writer because every writer’s journey is different. I remember I started reading at a young age and enjoyed it very much but stopped a little in between before my tweens because it was not considered cool to be the bookworm and the like before my love for reading overtook me again. Lol. I remember many times I could not be pulled myself away from a book that held my attention. And my parents would have to call me several times until they were practically blue in the face to get me away from reading and to get me to do something for them. I have read a few other writers solutions of how they deal with their writer’s block and I think I’ll try a few of them to see if any of them fits me and my style of writing.

      Anyway, it was really nice reading about you and have glanced through your blog just now. It looks quite interesting. πŸ™‚

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  2. Yeah, I know what you mean about the reading as a child. My step-mother used to tell me I’d never make anything of myself if I didn’t get my face out of the books. I’ve always loved reading. Funny thing though, I never got into romances, yet I’ve written two so far myself that are on Amazon. Go figure. LOL

    I’m glad you find my blogs interesting. I’m interested in your impressions of the ones you decide to read. I recommend one entitled “A Wannebee?” I think you’ll find that one really worth reading. I first posted it years ago on my Black Planet page, and a woman commented there that it was a shame that a white man knows more about Malcolm X than many black people.

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    • Oh wow! That definitely says something, lol. Because even I don’t now that much about Malcolm X besides him being the leader of the Black Panthers and a few other things but still not much. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll give it a read. πŸ™‚

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      • Oh by the way I read your article that you recommended. It was a great piece. Nicely written and your message came across quite well. I really liked it. It is such a pity thought that if you try sticking up for black people (or other races but your own) or try to promote a person who tried making a difference for the black community such as Malcolm X or Martin L. King, then you are either a wannabee, racist or self hating person. What is up with people? Is there no such as being able to understand another human being and their train of though and beliefs without the incllusion of race? Some people can be so ridiculous.

        By the way, are there any other articles you can recommend to me?

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      • I’m glad you liked that piece, Angie!

        As for other recommendations, I would say the one entitled “Moving Forward”, which at first glance seems to be about politics and this years’ election, but it actually goes well beyond that, delving into people’s attitudes toward their fellow human beings.

        I would also suggest ” On black women and the black men who hate them”.

        And if you’re interested in my take on things people call “spiritual”, check out the three oldest posts, “On Knowing Truth”, “On Finding Your Truth”. and “On Belief, Faith and Truth”. as well as the one titled “On Faith, God and Truth”.

        Those are among my favorites, but in all honesty, I suggest you look through the titles and choose the ones that interest you the most.

        And again, I look forward to your thought on these writings!



  3. My writer’s block also lasts for a really long time; several months to a year, and it is terrible. When I have writer’s block, I usually keep a journal about my life and when I’m writing in there, I find inspiration for my books. I have a blog about being a writer https://katiemdeanblog.wordpress.com/ and I give encouragement and prompts if you wanted to check it out. It might help πŸ™‚

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