A gathering where I’m surrounded by new faces

Hello Tomodachi’s,

Good evening to you all. I hope you all are doing well this fine Thursday evening. I was unable to publish a blog post on Wednesday for which I sincerely apologise.

On today’s blog post, I would like to briefly speak about my experience during a dinner gathering hosted by the family I am currently staying with and Au Pairing for. On a few occasions, I have mentioned on my blog about how I work as an an pair for a nice and friendly Indian family and how I look after their two kids, ages 2 and 8.

Anyway, the dinner gathering included their close friends and their families who all originally come from Kerela, India, and now reside in the Netherlands (at least most of them do). They do not have the opportunity of meeting up regularly as to how this dinner gathering came to be.

The gathering on Saturday was the first time I have ever seen so many people from Kerela all gathered in one place. To be absolutely honestly, before I started Au Pairing I had not even known of such a state in India. So, as you could imagine I was a little overwhelmed that evening being surrounded by these many people from Kerela and seeing all their new faces. Not to mention, they all spoke the same language, Malayalam, and I was the only one whose mothertongue was English.

After getting over my initial nervousness everything else went well. All in all, the evening was nice, the food was really well made (with 3 of the dishes being traditional Kerela dishes) and throughout the evening everyone was very nice and I was able to have some nice conversations with a few people. Plus someone sang two Malayalam songs which I thought he performed pretty well on the spot.

Anyway, the point of this post was to tell you all that people should try going out into the world and meet other people, talk to them, get to know them and their experiences and their reality. Even if you may feel a little overwhelmed in the beginning and may be out of your comfort zone by doing something new, still go out, do it and mingle. You will be surprised how much new things you can learn from others in doing so. Life is a journey and it was meant to be explored.

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