Being invited to Vangelis’ new music video release ‘Voor Ons’

Hello, Tomodachi’s,

How are you all? Today’s post I am going to talk about how I was invited by my singer-songwriter friend, Vangelis Sopamena, for the viewing of his new music video ‘Voor Ons’. The viewing was held on Thursday evening in Rotterdam at a cosy gay bar called the FERRY. The starting time of the event had begun at 8 pm, however, due to me being a little late I was unable to see the spoken word opening act to which I regret considering I am also a poet and a writer.

The video tells the story of two young men who discover that they are about to share true intimacy with each other. The video clip was very intimate and heartfelt, to say the least. I personally liked it but you should probably take a look for yourself by watching the video below and form your own opinion instead of just taking my word for it.

Vangelis goes on to explains that the goal of this music video was to inspire young LGBTQ people to open themselves up for romantic intimacy. To which I can wholeheartedly agree with because after all everyone needs to experience love and intimacy, be it if they are straight, gay or bisexual.

The rest of the night ended on a nice note with a lot of laughter, selfies and grooving on the dance floor. I was one of Vangelis’ supporting friends among many others who attended this amazing event. As you can imagine I am very proud of him.  

Therefore, please do follow him on his social media pages if you like his work by searching for his name: Vangelis Sopamena. Take care and have a great day. See you all next time

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