The pen is mightier than the sword

Hello tomodachi’s,

I apologise for the late blog post but hope that this post finds you well. With this post, I wanted to inquire if there were anyone else who still try to cling on to the notion that the pen is mightier than the sword mentality like I do?

I write in the hopes of improving or bettering this world with my writing if that’s even still possible especially in the world we live in. It always pains me when I see how corrupt and messed up this world has become. However, if my writing could help at least one person who is in need of it or helps guide someone into becoming a better person than that would make me really happy, to say the least. With those thoughts in mind, I can continue writing.

What about you? I am always open to hearing others’ ideas and opinions so do feel free to comment or message me about certain writing related topics as well as some other topics. I would be happy to discuss and converse with whoever is interested in doing so.

pen and sword.jpg



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