There is no progress without change.

Hello, everyone. How is everyone doing this nice Wednesday evening? Although, I am still sick with the flu I am doing much better today.

Today’s Thoughts of the Day blog post will be about knowing and deciding when to make changes in your life in order to progress. Everyone should already know by now that without change and without stepping out of one’s comfort zones you will never be pushed to your limits and you will never realise your true potential. 

The best way to grow as a person and in your career is to try something new. Of course, everyone is scared of trying new things but that should not be the only thing stopping you.

Believe me when I say I am not too big of a fan of change either. This is because it makes me so very nervous to get out of my comfort zone since I usually need to try twice or three times as hard than the average person to achieve my goals. However, I am too much of an ambitious person to make such excuses for myself and not take that leap of faith.

Yes, it is very easy not to change but I would not be the person I am today if I refused to change. If I refused to change I would not be an author, a blogger and would not even be living in the Netherland. And though, not all of the changes in my life were great I do not regret any of them. During that time I have learned a lot, experienced a lot and grew as a person more than I ever expected. Change can be scary but good and necessary.

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