Thoughtsoftheday: What is status when you have class?…

Hello, hello, hello everyone! How are you all? I do hope fine. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I was not able to publish my blog post yesterday. And I ended up falling asleep while trying to fix it. But from now on I shall be able to post on time since I will be getting some more time to myself in the next couple of days.

By the way, yesterday I was helping one of the kids (the older child that is eight) with their Dutch homework. Although, my level of Dutch is nowhere near fluent and perfect, it is good. I was actually surprised by how good it was. I was expecting to be stumbling a bit more than I did but I did pretty good for not being a fluent or almost fluent Dutch speaker.

Anyway, this Thoughts of the Day post is about trying not to present yourself in a way that you are not. As much as possible try to please yourself. 

I am writing this because recently I became friends with someone that is very concerned about dressing a certain way to present a certain status of themselves to others that they are not. However, I just do not understand this type of thinking because I feel like these kinds of people are basically just thinking too much about other people and their impressions. 

People will always find a way or a reason to judge you even if you have a fancy title, a high status or if you buy only branded clothing. And in my opinion having a status gives people more expectations and reason to judge you. Just look at Michelle and Barack Obama and all the disrespect they get from some people. Even though they are the President and First Lady of the US and are two of the classiest people I have ever seen they are still disrespected.

I choose to first please myself and fulfill my own happiness instead of worrying of what people think of me.If I were to choose between the two , classiness vs. status, I would faster choose to be a classy person instead of worrying about dressing a certain way to present a certain status that I am not and trying to maintain it for the sake of others. It becomes tiring after a while. I am not saying to be a slob but be yourself and feel comfortable in whatever you do because you will not be able to please everyone. That is ridiculous. 

Anyway, in the end it is to each their own. Have a great day.

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