WhatisAngieuptoMondays: Went to my first first Trick or Treat night!

Konnichiwa tomodachi’s (Hello, friends)! First of all Happy Halloween to you all!

And I would like you all to meet Angelika! If you follow me on any of my social media accounts you would know who she is. 😉

Are you perhaps wondering what I am up to this blessed Monday evening? Well, I am doing the same thing many other people are doing on this day and that is celebrating Halloween! I have already been out with the kids for a Halloween gathering that was  organised by parents. 

It started around after 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon though the family and I arrived a bit later than we intended to. I have no idea when it was supposed to end but we left before the ending because tomorrow will be yet another early and busy long day.

Today was already quite a busy, long day but I did not mind it so much because yesterday I had recuperated much of my energies by sleeping like a log and resting myself like there was no tomorrow for pretty much most of the day. Later, I also got to enjoy a few episodes of my favourite animes and read a few mangas that I was not able to watch and read due to my quite busy schedule.

All is good and well with the world.😄 Not to mention, things seem to be finally falling into place  with regards to my upcoming children’s picture book. After much waiting and lots of talking with my publishers and book consultants and many others, I can finally somewhat see a light at the end of this narrow tunnel. Now all I need is to get a written permission from the illustrator to be able to use their art and my picture book will be on its way to being published (soon). So, even though I paid them to draw my illustrations and gave them instructions to what I wanted, it still does not make the illustrations mine.

Being a self-published author I know a little about these sorts of things and will be writing a brief newsletter regarding this topic in the very near future. Therefore, if you want to be able to read my upcoming newsletters and not be left out of the loop then please sign up for it soon. About once or twice a month my newsletters will be sent and it will all be starting in November.

I hope you have a great remained of your day and take care.

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