Thoughtsoftheday: Be patient

Hello, everyone. Today’s Thoughts of the day is all about: having patience.

There are people who have an almost  unlimited supply of patience, those who have some patience and those who have very little patience. I fall into the category of having some patience and once that limit is reached I become very irritated. Which category would you say you fall into?

Anyone can become impatient once their level of patience is reached, but as the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day”. Nothing much comes out of things acquired easily. It is always the hard and nearly impossible things that take a long time to achieve or acquire. And that is usually worth the wait.

Even I have ambitions and wants that I fully aware will require me to have patience for a long. Such as one day becoming a bestselling author. But that does not mean I have to quit when things are not going my way or when it takes too long time to fulfil. That is because I want it bad enough that I can wait for now at least.My time will surely come. It may not be now or it may not even be tomorrow but it will surely come. Always remember that: every small step eventually leads you to your goals. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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