WhatisAngieuptoMondays: Keeping myself busy.

Good evening and Happy Monday for those of you who appreciate Mondays. l apologise for posting so late, some things came up.

Anyways, last Friday I bought myself a new phone after a year of struggling with my secondhand Chinese produced Mann phone. “Sorry Mann, it was fun when it lasted but I’ve found another.” 😛 Out with the old and in with the new.

These past few weeks has been quite busy if I do say so myself. To start off I have been quite busy with my nannying duties; Getting in contact with my teachers with regards to my thesis and trying to proceed with it; Trying to socialise with friends the best way I can; Keeping up with my blogging and trying to proceed with publishing my children’s picture book (projects). As well as many more things not mentioned in this post. Has your week or weeks been as busy as mine? Write it in the comment section below.

It has been rough these past few weeks, but fun nonetheless. That is all for now, see you all on Wednesday, for my next blog post at 8 pm.

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