WritingRelatedFridays: Truth be Told

Hello there,  is all well? Today I’ll be posting a personal poem I wrote just a few weeks ago that I would like to share with you all. And since I do not per se publish personal poems on a daily or regular basis I hope you like it. Giving it a like or a comment would make me very happy. 🙂


Truth be told

I am not that strong

I am so weak that I am even ashamed to admit it

I’m weak to sadness, weak to anger and even weak to selfishness

Truth be told

I do not have much confidence

Though, I may walk and talk like I have 100 years’ worth of confidence

Deep down I’m trembling uncontrollably in my boots

Truth be told I can be quite shameless

And quite unapologetic while I am it

If it means I can survive

In this unforgiving, dog eat dog world

Truth be told

I have many warped personas

Trapped in this one small body

And I plan on not letting anyone know about them

Not even my own precious parents

Truth be told

You will never truly know me as you think you do

Just as I will never truly know you.

Written by: Angie Ignacio

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