Thoughtsoftheday: Just do it!

Hello, readers. Doing well on this nice Wednesday evening? Despite the chill in the air that has been around for these past few days I am doing well. My thoughts of the day this chilly Wednesday evening is : Just do it!

Have something in mind that you want to do, then: Just do it! Want to go to a party but have no one to go with then: Just do it! Want to have delicious dinner in a nice restaurant but have no significant other to take you out then: Just go by yourself! Of course, there are some circumstances that do not always allow a person to just do everything they would like to such as not having sufficient funds or their current location but if it is feasible then: just do it. Do not always depend on others to do what you want to do.

Many times I have gone out to the movies by myself or ate at a nice restaurant by myself because I do not have a significant other and much friends where I live but I can have just as much fun alone as I can with someone else. Why should I wait to have someone around to do something I like? Sorry, but I am not willing to give up on things I like to do just because I do not have someone to go with me. I just do what Angie wants to do. I especially remember a friend I met in a club some time back being surprised about me being there by myself and not being around any of my girl-friends. I was kind of surprised by his comment because I never thought twice about going out by myself.

Anyway, is there anyone here who feels the need to go with someone whenever you do something? I hope you liked this post and I will see you all on Friday evening for my Writing Related Fridays at 8 pm.

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