WhatisAngieuptoMondays: Getting a chance to speak a little broken Japanese

Hey, everyone! How are you all? I apologise for the quite late blog post. It was due to some unexpected events that occurred, alongside slow working internet or no internet at all. My apologies

Anyway, if you follow at least one of my social media you would know that yesterday I was quite ecstatic when I was able to communicate with them a little bit in Japanese. As some of you may already know, I am a big fan of everything Japanese: Japanese culture, their language and their entertainment. And to be able to speak Japanese face to face with a couple of real Japanese was like a dream come true for me. I do not think I have ever been so excited like this in a long time that I could feel my heart beating in my chest. Yes, I was that excited and happy! 

Now, you may be wondering HOW did I get into contact with these two nice Japanese duos? Well, yesterday there was some kind of market lining the street close to where I am now residing and curious as I am I went and looked around and tried out some food at a few stalls even though I was pressed for time. Around that time I needed to travel to Rotterdam for a personal appointment. Yet when I came across the Japanese food stall I could not help myself. I could not make myself leave without talking to the Japanese people there and trying out their Takoyaki (I have tried takoyaki last year only once when I attended an anime con).

In all honesty, I smelt the food before actually seeing the stall. When I was deciding it was about time for me to go I smelt a very familiar food smell, but could not place what exactly  it was. So, I basically followed my nose which later led me to their stall and this is how the conversation went more or less:

I exclaimed “Takoyaki!” without fully realising I said it out loud.


The nice man behind the stall asked with a shocked expression on his face “Do you know about takoyaki?” and of course I flaunted my knowledge of Japanese anime, entertainment, music and food.  Explaining to him how much of a big fan I am of Japan. He asked what kind of Japanese music did I listened to which I embarrassing replied: “I mostly listened to anime music”. 😛 I even showed him my Kindle of some of my anime music. He recognised an anime one music still

I even showed him my Kindle of some of my anime music. And to my surprise, he recognised an anime by only the video still and said he used to watch the anime as a child and I was like “Hajime no Ippo!” The woman behind the stall’s expression also seemed impressed that I knew and pronounced the Japanese title of the anime well and began smiling and also began talking to me.

Anyway, when ordering some takoyaki I was like “Takoyaki, kudasai.”

While the woman was frying the takoyaki I also spoke to her and asked in very simple Japanese if I could take a picture of her while she cooked the takoyaki balls and she replied with a “Hai!” Afterwards, she embarrassingly said she was a little shy to which I giggled. I regret not thinking of taking a picture of the guy but I was so mesmerised by him decorating the takoyaki balls that I forgot. Bummer!

Anyway, at the end when he was about to hand me my food he did the half Japanese bow and said “Onegaishemasu” and I returned his bow with a bow of my own and said “Arigatou go sai masu!” with the both of us wearing one of our biggest smiles on our faces. I was so happy to speak to them and they were so friendly and familiar to me that it made me have such a nice feeling for hours that day. They made me feel like I was their good friend even though we had just met and were complete strangers. Also, it felt nice because the people around us did not really have a clue what we were chatting about. It was like we were in our own little bubble chatting away. 😀


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