Thoughtsoftheday: Some laws and rules were meant to be broken.

Hello, everyone and good evening to you all. Today’s Thoughts of the Day is: It is sometimes okay for us to break certain unjustifiable rules and laws that go against the betterment of people’s lives. Sometimes it is necessary for people to break rules and laws when you know deep down  something is wrong. Even, if the masses are against you and you are standing alone, you would still be willing to fight for what you believe in.

I wrote this Thoughts of the Day article in accordance with the many news articles I have read thus far, in the wake of the burkini ban on France beaches some months ago. I think it is absolutely  ridiculous, but whatever. Many commentators are suggesting that they (Muslim women and those who wear the burkini) should not break the law or face the consequences. They say that the [Muslim woman] must just live with the ban since it has  already been set in place in the legislation in certain areas in France.

People seem to not realise that history is constantly repeating itself and it IS repeating itself as we speak, using Muslims as the scapegoat this time around. If people did not stand up to the wrongs being done to them and others in the past these things would have continued to persist to our current day.

I can name at least 3 examples in history from the top of my head where laws were broken by people who stood up to overcome the wrongs being done to them and certain groups of people. There were:

  1. Laws to justify  Slavery
  2. Laws towards Jews to be sent to concentration camps and laws towards people protecting them [in their homes]
  3. Laws against  Interracial marriage, 

Just to name a few. However, you alway have people who want to brush off other’s sufferings and experiences under the guise of: “It is about time you got over it” or “That was so many years/ so long ago!” “Don’t blame me for what my ancestors did!” etc. They refuse to properly acknowledge someone else’s struggling or refuse to create an in-depth discussion regarding certain topics they feel uncomfortable addressing. That is how you end up with history constantly repeating itself over and over again, despite technological and intellectual improvements. Then we will sit around like fools and wonder why. Those who feel too uncomfortable talking about certain topics do not want to listen and others try to turn a blind eye to their ancestor’s dark history, in the hopes of ‘moving forward’ or ‘looking towards the future.’ When will we selfish humans learn?

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