WhatisAngieuptoMondays: Rerun of the Drinking Tea with Vee interview!

Hello, and good afternoon Tomodachi’s (friends).  Today I will be posting a few hours earlier than usual because I wanted to inform you before it got a little too late. About two weeks ago I published a blog post, This Saturday, I will definitely be drinking some tea with Vee. On that blog post, I mentioned I was going to be interviewed on her show and it would air on the 18th on Asylum Radio. I also mentioned how this interview was in regards to my upcoming children’s picture book I plan to publish in the next few months.

Well, just yesterday the Drinking Tea with Vee radio show aired from 6 until 8 pm. I hope some of you remembered to tune in and listen to the show. However, if that was not the case on Mondays Asylum Radio replays programmes that were missed the previous week, hence the name Missed it Mondays. So, please make sure you visit the site and have a listen. You also have the possibility to download the show if you liked the show as much as I did. 🙂

After the interview, we hung out a little, took some selfies and had some more fun just talking with each other. The pictures below can give you a glimpse of how much fun we were having.

Anyway, see you all next time on Thoughts of the day Wednesdays. Take care and until next time.


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