WritingRelatedFridays: Women who dress a certain way are “Asking for it”

Hello, everyone! Having a great day? Me, too. 🙂

Apparently, there are some people claiming women who dress a certain way are “asking for it”.  I can never understand this whenever I hear people saying such things. They even have the nerve to say that when it is a young and innocent child being sexual abuse or accosted.

It does not matter whether a woman is fully clothed or not, they still get attacked and it is still her fault. It seems no matter what a woman wears or does it is always going to be her fault for:

1. Not wearing better/ proper clothing or

2. Not acting in a certain way.

This is ridiculous because as a society we need to find better ways of  educating boys and men. You see men walking on the streets topless all of the time, but you do not see women jumping at them and raping them because they were “asking for it” based on the way they were dressed.

Just as a cheater will cheat on a good and decent partner if they wanted to, someone who has the intention of raping someone else will do so either the person is provocatively dressed or not.

Everyone should have respect for the next person because we are all human and we all want to be respected and treated kindly. We should treat others the way we would want to be treated. This has got to stop!

Anyway, here is an interesting video I came across of poet, Anna Binkovitz, reading her hilarious but at the same time serious poem called “Asking for it”.

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